I have found that the joy of simple nudity around the house makes even the most menial tasks enjoyable. I don’t cook often, but when I do I’m always nude. My most favorite nude cooking is grilling outdoors. Of course an apron is prefered for some food, but grilling outdoors in the nude is a very enjoyable experience!



I have found that the joy of simple nudity around the house makes even the most menial tasks enjoyable. I don’t cook often, but when I do I’m always nude. My most favorite nude cooking is grilling outdoors. Of course an apron is prefered for some food, but grilling outdoors in the nude is a very enjoyable experience!


How do I know that I don’t need what I want? I don’t have it.

- Byron Katie (via lazyyogi)


It amuses me that popular history books and programs must follow the “everything you ever learned about “xyz” is wrong” pattern. Its always “buy my book and learn how all of the founding fathers were cross-dressers!”  based on some “newly discovered” source such as “new evidence my dog just dug up in my back yard!” 

Here’s an idea. How about doing real research and then writing as scholarship which can actually provide new insight into the era you are discussing. 

It is much easier to pick up a belief others have rather than doing your own research. It does not seem to be worth the effort - and often it really isn’t.

Awakening with Suzanne Lie: The Nature of Reality

I am having difficulty aligning my 3D self with my Multidimensional SELF. I know my 3D self is the lowest frequency of my Multidimensional SELF, but it is constantly “falling out of alignment.” The pace and structure of the 3D world is becoming increasingly burdensome and even foreign.
As my Core Self (the one I identify as me) is moving up the dimensional scale, I am finding it more and more difficult to deal with 3D issues. Going to the store, paying bills, running errands takes so much energy.
On the other hand, meditation is not a thing I do, but a state of conscious operation within this ever-changing reality. Many people have left my sphere of awareness. I know they still exist somewhere and sometime, but they are no long members of my world.
I have no issues with these people. It is just that they appear to me to be on a different reality. What they perceive as real, I perceive asillusion, On the other hand, if they knew the real me, which they do not, they would think that I was delusional or a bit crazy. Conversely, more and more people are coming into my life with whom I am in alignment.
As I write this, I am seeing two levels of reality, the static third/fourth dimensional reality and the ascending realty. There is not about hierarchy. It is just that the ascending reality is at a higher frequency. Hence, we could walk down the street and barely notice each other.
I have been, and will continue, to research the nature of time and timelines. I have long known that the passage of time differs with our state of consciousness. 3D time is as slow as a snail, whereas 4D/5D creative time seems to last half the time of mundane activities.
Then, multidimensional time, the fifth dimension and beyond, is completely out of the time, as I know it in my 3D life. Dewey Larson, the recognized expert on the concept of “time” said, “Somewhere along the line, that which is true is being made to appear false, because that which is false is accepted as truth.”
That statement says it all for me. I am endeavoring to maintain a consciousness of peace and love. However, that statement encompasses my greatest challenge, which is restraining my anger about the secrets that are being kept from us. I am also endeavoring to lovingly free my reaction to the naivety in which we have lived, and so many still live.
It is TIME for humanity to fully awaken, but every time in our myriad incarnations that we “woke up” we suffered great consequences. Hence, our genetic memory wants to hold back from knowing that which will make our daily lives even more difficult.
Of course, making daily life so difficult is a ploy of the few to keep the many in robot reaction. It is this programmed robotic reaction to obvious lies that allow the few to hide many, which would instantly change our lives. When we live in poverty, ill health, pollution and indoctrination, we separate from others because we can barely get along on our own.
It is the separation from others that allows 1% of our population to rule our reality. If all the awakened ones were to join together, even in consciousness, the few who are still holding the puppet strings over the many would be overwhelmed. However, we do not want to be the wounded victims who seek revenge.
We have learned in our awakening that we are the Masters of our Destiny and energy out is energy back. Therefore, when we bond our consciousness into ONE higher-frequency Unity Consciousness, we will send the puppet masters our unconditional love.

The person one loves never really exists, but is a projection focused through the lens of the mind onto whatever screen it fits with least distortion.

Arthur C. Clarke – Tales of Ten Worlds

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Nov 2
Nov 2

4th Density Earth Is Allowing Us To Put Relationships and Judgment Into Perspective

In 3D we have the illusion of separation, the experience of time and only one version of reality. 5D allows the experience of multiple timelines and multiple versions of reality. In 5D you know that you are connected to everyone and everything and time is…

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Oct. 31st, Live Eloheim Channeling Event

Live Eloheim and The Council channeling session. Learn more about us by visiting our website:

Re-Occupation 2.0 - Reality Sandwich


The source of our collective discontent and the target of our anger is one that is not as visible as in other countries that revolt. We are not revolting against despotic tyrants and the militaries that sustain them. We are revolting against a set of institutions and practices (capitalism and democracy) that have no clear representative target and, more interestingly, are also cloaked in a veil of legitimacy. It is a well known ‘truism’ that ‘capitalism and democracy is the best option’. In fact, it is in service of capitalism and democracy that freedom fighters in other countries lose their lives. It is the ‘Fallacy of the American Dream’ that we are revolting against.

Sep 9

The Chicken/Head Syndrome

As dysfunctional patterns are being dismantled and fear is being unceremoniously kicked out of the driver’s seat by Spirit, you may experience the chicken/head syndrome. (Our sources indicate that you have chickens on this planet—indigenous birds who are noted for running around after their heads have been cut off. This is our first exposure to chickens, but we find their behavior useful, so we have renamed this syndrome in their honor.)

The chicken/head syndrome refers to the neurological phenomenon that a beheaded chicken experiences when its body continues racing around frantically as if something were still in control. This goes on for a short while until the neurological circuitry catches up with the fact that the bird is officially dead. This is precisely what can happen when fear is eliminated from your systems.

Fear’s neurologically patterned behavior may continue marching around for awhile, acting as if fear were still in charge. You have two options in dealing with this condition. You can treat this vestigial behavior in the same way we have noticed you treat flies. (This is also our first encounter with flies, but they seem to be just as useful as chickens.) You may allow them to buzz around until they drop of their own accord, or you can swat them and get it over with. The only thing you should never do is identify with them.

Fear and its patterned behavior is not and never was your identity. Fear is a parasitic life form that no longer has any biological business being on this planet. If it is helpful, think of fear as a fungus from outer space that successfully invaded eons ago and has been hosting off your systems ever since. Fear no more defines your being than a case of athlete’s foot defines your body. So, whatever course of action you choose to handle this syndrome with, remember that it’s almost over and you’re not it.


E.T. 101

The Cosmic Instruction Manual for Planetary Evolution

An Emergency Remedial Earth Edition

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